By James S. Geister, D.D.S.
March 29, 2016
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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What’s So Special about CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns? The many benefits of CEREC same day crowns

If you need a crown, chances are you’ve been thinking about how long it takes to get one. It’s inconvenient to wait until your final crown dental crownscomes back so your dentist can cement it. While you are waiting, you are forced to wear an unsightly, uncomfortable temporary crown.

Now you can forget the waiting and forget the poorly-fitting temporary crown. It’s time for you to learn about the many benefits of CEREC same day crowns, the new, modern way to give you a dental crown while you wait. Dr. James Geister, your cosmetic dentist in Washington, Michigan wants to help you discover what’s so special about CEREC same day crowns.

Dr. Geister wants you to know CEREC crowns are special because:

  • They take far less time, only one visit!
  • They are beautiful, made of sparkling porcelain
  • They are comfortable, with no poorly-fitting temporary crown to wear
  • They are perfect, fitting great with no adjustments needed

Typically, getting a dental crown takes several appointments over a period of weeks. Your tooth is prepared; molds are taken and then sent off to a dental laboratory. Technicians create your crown and send it back, a process that can take weeks. Finally, your permanent crown is cemented on your tooth.

CEREC crowns change all that. You only need one visit with Dr. Geister to prepare your tooth, and your beautiful CEREC crowns are made right in the office while you wait! CEREC crowns are created with the assistance of a computer using technology known as “CAD-CAM” which designs and also manufactures your crown to exact specifications. There is no guesswork; your crown fits perfectly the first time. You will love your sparkling, beautiful CEREC porcelain crown!

If you are thinking of getting a crown, but you don’t want to deal with long wait times and uncomfortable temporary crowns, it’s time to try CEREC, the revolutionary same day crown process. Call Dr. James Geister, your cosmetic dentist in Washington, Michigan and find out more about the magic of CEREC same day crowns. Call today!


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